Our Story

World get to know Pakistan as “The World’s Best kept Secret” through PIA iconic campaign of the 70’s, and then came a time when the country got adversely affected by terrorism and Geo-political situations, at that time it was portrayed as “The World’s Most Dangerous Place” by the CNN in 2013. The nation fought back, to rise again as “Economy of a Pleasant Surprise” by Bloomberg in Feb 2017. Today we want to present Pakistan as a promising country for trade, investment and tourism. From a global perspective, Pakistan is not any more, a preferred tourist destination or the ideal place to find your next business partners from. It is time that the story of Pakistan is retold, in the proper context, with actual facts to the people around the globe, because not letting the world know about the real Pakistan is perhaps the biggest reason for the travelers and adventurers missing on the most mesmerizing scenic places on planet.

“Promising Pakistan” is a unique platform that aims to bring together national & international pundits, visionaries, influences and decision makers from Tourism, Hospitality & Allied sectors ,the Advertising & Marketing Community, Academia, Industry and the Government under one roof. It is a celebration of Pakistan and the opportunities and possibilities that it represents, the beauty, the culture, the cuisine, the people, the products & services and above all the passion - humanity and the irrepressible Can Do Spirit that was saluted by Newsweek with its cover story on The World’s Bravest Nation. It is not just about re-branding Pakistan as a safe and secure tourist destination but also about creating the mind-sets and tools to invite the foreign and local tourists back to the heavenly places.

Promising Pakistan is an initiative that will share tools, methodologies, case studies and inspirational stories and will play a pivotal role in developing consensus among the influential decision makers and opinion leaders on creating an effective strategy to represent Pakistan, as a promising destination to the World. We will benefit from the wisdom of the experts to re-introduce our destinations, we will explore the role of the Government, law enforcement agencies and the hotel & tourism associations in developing networks of support to nurture and strengthen our tourism sector, we will evaluate the role of the national & global media in building the perceptions about Pakistan. Finally, we will offer the platforms to the global actors in Tourism and Allied industries, to explore the endless opportunities and include Pakistan in their preferred destinations.

Promising Pakistan will start with a two day conference along with expo being held mid July, 2017 at Pak China Friendship Centre Islamabad. We welcome sponsors and exhibitors to participate.

Objectives & Strategy:

Promising Pakistan is a movement, a movement to bring together all the stake holders and patriotic Pakistanis on one platform, to celebrate the breath-taking scenic beauty, God Gifted natural wonders, best of all weathers, rich historical & cultural heritage, strong values and traditions, one of the most intelligent- resilient & passionate nation, countless resources, amazing achievements and inspiring stories of Pakistanis in country and around the globe. The objectives of Promising Pakistan are 3 fold:

  • To create a positive global perception about Pakistan, Pakistanis and make Pakistan an attractive tourist destination

  • To address the depression and frustration that Pakistani nation feels today and to show them the wonderful opportunities that await them within Pakistan. Ultimately boosting tourism within the country.

  • To asses and analyse problems & challenges confronted by the Pakistani tourism and allied sectors, exporters & service providers and come up with possible solutions. By studying / benchmarking international top tourist destinations’ case studies, adapt strategies and create overall policy push to think truly global not only in terms of exporting globally, but also in developing brands and tourist destination that truly have a global footprint.

How to achieve these objectives?

  • By bringing all stakeholders at one platform to confront challenges and come up with possible solutions

  • By working with the media in developing and encouraging Pakistan’s positive stories.

  • By creating events and activities to help our youth plan a better future and productively contribute to the development of Pakistan.
  • By re-introducing the scenic places, tourist destinations and promising places for economic activities to the global partners.