Tourism horizon is changing with restoration of peace, improved infrastructure, development of CPEC and other similar projects in the country. Pakistan witnessed huge influx of domestic tourists towards northern areas last year and number is expected to increase this year. There is a need to bring whole eco-system of tourism and allied industries under one-roof to uplift the industries and make them more lucrative & market ready in advance, so that tourists may get maximum facilities. Scholars and practitioners will discuss the challenges, opportunities and way forward in the Conference, while exhibitors will display products and offer services. New alliances will be formed and new customers will be made.

The landmark Promising Pakistan Conference will be held in mid July, 2017 at Islamabad. It is an initiative that will share tools, methodologies, case studies and inspirational stories and will play a pivotal role in developing consensus among the in­fluential decision makers and opinion leaders on creating an effective strategy to represent Pakistan to the World. The audience will consist of thought leaders from the Business World, Industry, Academia, Travellers, Trekkers, Adventurers, Government, Social Sector, Donors and the Diplomatic Community.

Tentative Agenda:

Dates: 7th-8th October 2017

Venue: Venue: Pak China Friendship Centre

Timings: 0900 – 1800 hours

Proposed Sessions

Session 1: Destination Pakistan in Cyber World

The session will throw light on the numerous local and foreign web portals, cartels and online entities that are facilitating the tourism industry. It will also discuss role of e-payments in bringing convenience for the customer.

Session 2: Present state of infrastructure and potential expansions

Representatives of Government and local state actors will be called in for this session to discuss the present state of infrastructure and how things can be improved.

Session 3: Role of Airlines and transportation industry

This particular session will be aimed at discussing the pivotal role airlines and other transport means play in encouraging tourism in the country. What are challenges, weaknesses and opportunities available?

Session 4: Role of Media (Film and TV) in promoting tourism

Film makers and Artist community will be part of this session discussing Film and TV as a key instrument to promote tourism in the country.

Session 5: Role of Authors, Travellers and Celebrities

Celebrated travellers, authors and prominent industry figures will highlight their work, contributions and the significance of literature and arts in promoting tourism

Session 6: Issues and Challenges with respect to Policy, Security and infrastructure

Representatives of Government, Policy Makers & Pakistan Army will be taken on board for this session.

Session 7: Status of skilled workforce / Role of Universities and HEIs

Representatives of Higher Education Sector, Vocational Education and other sectors will throw light on their role.

Session 8: Future Interventions

Impact of CPEC, development of Gwadar Port and other projects will be discussed.