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What is Promising Pakistan ?

Promising Pakistan is a movement of celebrating the peaceful Pakistan and the revival of tourism and allied industries in the country. Its aim is to unite all stakeholders in developing a positive perception about Pakistan; exploring the true colors of this blessed country and to create the blueprint for building around Pakistani tourism and allied industries back to its boom. Promising Pakistan will consist of a year round calendar of activities with a regular annual conference and expo. We aim to promote the enormous potential available in allied sectors for development & economic empowerment, by massive promotion at national and international levels.

Promising Pakistan is an initiative to re-present Pakistan as land of opportunities where you can invest for business, come and relax in the serene picturesque valleys, green pastures, and experience world’s highest plateaus or indulge in to the adventure of climbing world’s top mountain peaks, trekking the hills, camping or surfing on the beach and dive into the deep sea. It is a humble initiative aimed at promoting tourism in the country.

Promising Pakistan aims to:

  • Develop positive National & Global perceptions about visiting various areas of Pakistan.

  • Motivate, Energize & Engage the youth of Pakistan in promoting country.

  • Showcase the tremendous potential & opportunities within Pakistani tourism and allied industries.

  • Develop the vision, skill set and capacity to gain maximum advantage from the restoration of peace, development of economic corridors and the beauty of the land.

Other Attractions

  1. Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customers Meetings
  2. One to One Networking Sessions
  3. Social Evening / Corporate Dinner

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